A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

The game takes place in the old kingdom of Egypt, around 2720 BC.

A perfect place and time for the first vampires to call home. The player is a vampire that needs to escape Anubis's pyramid. While on his journey inside the pyramid, there are alot of traps to avoid and any mistake may bring quick death. Dangers like fires or spikes will kill you. The player has to solve various riddles to progress.


VampJam v1.2 166 MB
VampJam v1.2 181 MB

Install instructions

Installation can be done through the Itch.io app or by downloading the zip file directly.

After downloading, please unpack it and run the exe!

Development log


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Cool game!  I liked the aesthetic and atmosphere a lot.  The camera movement was extremely sensitive and I had some issues where if I walked along walls the camera would go haywire.  I also couldn't figure out where to go after I passed the hallway with the traps and entered the room with a fire and a skeleton.

Hello Kronikle,

thank you for playing the game. We will be releasing an update very soon.

Awesome dude!  Great jam submission!